¿Do you know what wishes
your animal companion has?

¿Do you know how does it feels?




Requirements for consultations

To communicate with your animal friend I need the following:

  • Animal Name
  • Your full name or responsibility person’s name
  • Name of the rest of the people and animals that live or have lived with the Animal (in the case of Animals already deceased).
  • Two recent photos, one in which I can see its eyes, its gaze and another of its entire body.
  • Animal’s age and time it has been by your side.
  • Current place of residence.
  • The questions you want to express (always with the aim of benefiting the animal with the information obtained).
  • In the case of a deceased Animal (indicate date and cause of death). 

Please note that I am currently unable to accept lost animal searches due to unavailability (time consuming)

Please note that I am currently unable to accept lost animal searches due to unavailability (time consuming)


  • Connection and conversation with your Animal companion
  •  Written document PDF (communication protocol) with the detailed responses of your Animal.
  • Simple energy therapy session with Reiki or Shamanic at the end of the communication (if the animal so wishes).

Various clarifications:

  • *** Each consultation resolves the doubts that have been agreed in writing and are related to a specific animal.
  • *** Communication with Animals is not a substitute for any treatment or veterinary care.
  • *** Animal communication is not a divination system, queries must always be directed to the well-being of the Animal. Total honesty is required from the applicant when providing the requested information. If this is not the case, confusion and mistrust will be generated in the Animal companion, which may even block communication. If you are not 100% confident in this method, it is better to refrain from requesting it.

Have you not been able to say goodbye to your beloved animal on his departure as you would have liked? 

If that is your case and you wish, I will contact your deceased animal friend (either recently or years ago) so that both of you can close this painful process in peace and move on. 

What is the cost?

A communication costs 70 Euros.

  • **** It is necessary to pay the consultation in advance to confirm the reservation. (Once you have made the payment, please send me the receipt by Email with the data requested to make the consultation).

     You can make the payment by PAYPAL directly below: 

Code of Ethics for Animal Communicators

All consultations, accompaniments, treatments and work methods follow a Code of Ethics that is necessary to guarantee the well-being of the animal at all times.