Because all animals need to be heard and understood!

 Animal communication or communication between species is based on the transmission of messages telepathically between the different species of the animal kingdom, including the human being! Through this communication not only words are transmitted but also thoughts, sensations, emotions, images… It allows us to feel the other from a distance.

It is the most natural and pure communication that has always existed, the universal language, a conscious communication that non-human animals have always used among themselves and among them with human beings, since we were also born with that capacity. This is how newborn babies communicate, this is how we have all communicated… But, as we grow, we begin to give more validity to other forms of communication such as spoken language or written language… we begin to give power to the mind and we stop believing in feeling… we invalidate it and forget it, we forget how to communicate in this beautiful and true way, a communication from the heart.

Fortunately, with love and dedication, we can recover this capacity and reconnect deeply with them, because only then, through conscious communication, can we begin to truly listen and understand them, in order to respect their points of view, meet their needs and do their lives happy and fulfilling… 

Animal communication helps to understand the animal's needs, thus promoting mutual affection, respect and trust.

Animal communication helps to understand the animal's needs, thus promoting mutual affection, respect and trust.

In an Animal Communication consultation I will ask your animal the necessary questions that you want to ask him in order to help you resolve possible conflicts, or simply to find out how he feels, or if he would like to change something in his daily life. As long as they are done with the intention of being able to improve their life and, therefore, yours as well.

The animal will always be the one who decides in a conversation with me what questions he is willing to answer and how long he wants to participate in every conversation.

A conversation with the animal does not always come immediately, sometimes several attempts are necessary to be able to establish contact with it. The animal needs trust to open up to a person it does not know and sometimes has other priorities at the time the animal communicator is wanting to communicate and needs to try another time.

As an animal communicator, I will act as a connector, that is, as a link between you and your animal to tell you everything that he needs to express to you.

It will help you understand what happens to your loved animal in any situation or difficulty that comes your way. Is your animal feeling well? Does it feel happy? Does it feels sick? What are its wants and needs?

Animals talk all the time, some more and others less, just like us. You just have to know how to listen to them and that listening comes from the heart.

My main mission and work is to be at the service of the animal, help it feel good and happy, ensure its well-being and help the responsible person in what is necessary to resolve conflicts and achieve a more harmonious relationship between the animal and its human family. – as well as with other animal members that may exist in its family.

After a communication, your animal trusts you and expects you, as his best friend, to take seriously the needs and desires expressed in the conversation.

All animals want to be understood… All animals have a lot of things to tell… All animals have a great need to be able to express their desires…

All animals have the right to be understood…
All animals should and must be respected
All animals need to be loved…

Just like human beings, like you, like me… like all of us…

Because we, human beings, are also animals…

“For the welfare of animals”